President's Message

From new UMBA President Jesse Nix:

Dear UMBA Members,

Did you hear about the luau? If you were there, I hoped you enjoyed the Tahitian dancing, fire dancers, silent auction, and the roasted pig. If you didn’t make it, make sure you attend next year. We awarded over $43,000 in scholarships and gave awards to deserving individuals and law firms.

If you attended the luau, please send me a quick email and tell me what you liked about the luau, what you didn’t like, and anything you want me to know? I don’t like stuffy lawyer events, but if you thought the luau wasn’t stuffy enough, tell me!

As the new UMBA President, I’m excited for the next year. We have much planning in the works for various events, so please look for those upcoming events in the 411.





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